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The best practice pig tattoo skin

We are excited to offer a massive 50% off as a store launch offer for pig tattoo skin. Get it now, only available for a limited time. Use the link below to order now the finest pig tattoo skin.

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We sell the finest pig tattoo skin!  Our pieces are all frozen, vacuum packed and delivered next day direct to your door.

Our strips are large, approximately 50 x 20 cm (22 x 8 inches) with about 1cm of fat behind the skin, allowing for a more natural skin stretch & movement and reducing the product drying out.

Pig skin shares a lot of the same properties as human skin hence why the main use for our skin is to practice tattoos on.  However all our skin is food grade & fresh frozen.  Maybe you fancy making some gourmet pork scratchings or a tanning some leather to make a bespoke purse. What ever your use or need for pig skin we are your source.

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[button link=”https://skin-for-sale.com/shop/pig-skin/” size=”xl” bg_color=”#4c565f” border=”#ffffff”]Check our shop out now![/button]